it’s just dang hot.

It’s July. And the only thing hotter than July is August. It’s so hot in August there aren’t even any holidays. Too dang hot to celebrate.

Just came off of the fourth of July festivities downtown, and what fun I had with the kiddos. They made it all the way through the fireworks and then konked out immediately. We didn’t even mind the rain (twice) because it was SO DANG HOT.
If you don’t already have big plans this weekend, may I suggest the Red Wing Roots Music Festival? It’s a HUGE festival of really awesome musicians put together by our own Jeremiah Jenkins and I’m sure tens of other hardworking volunteers. And there’s lots going on throughout the upcoming week, too. You can find all the details, here, at our Harrisonburg Happynings page. Check it out!

xoxoxo! have a super week!

ebb and flow.

In life, there are busy days and slow days, hectic weeks and low-key weeks.

Get ready for a crazy, non-stop, action-packed week! Not only is it a holiday week — Fourth of July — but it’s also First Friday in Harrisonburg, Fridays on the Square, and Tour De Burg! I feel like I should just pitch a tent in the parking deck and live in the heart of it all. Maybe I can use an extension cord to plug in my mini fridge. I’d be all set.

To the parking authority, I will NOT be pitching a tent in the parking deck. :)

Have a great week!! Good luck fitting it all in! Here are the happynings!

season of light.

Today Earth enjoys a special occasion: a supermoon! It’s when the moon is a bit closer to Earth and looks bigger and brighter. And you know all the myths about full moons? Well, maybe the supermoon has similar effects because I’ve been a total klutz the last couple days. First I ripped my thigh open on the corner of a table. Later I hobbled outside to mow, entered a shady area of the yard, moved my sunglasses to the top of my head so I could see, and promptly got zinged in the eye by some small, hard object. Thankfully my eye’s okay, but it was kinda scary! Then I slammed my finger in the door of the dryer. And knocked over a drink while watching Megamind. At least I was laughing when that happened — that movie is hilarious. Anyway, supermoon. It’s doing something.

I’m not real sure where this post is going, so I’ll leave you with wishes for a happy, healthy, injury-free week. Check out what’s happyning in the burg this week, right here!


in all types of weather…

On our first official day of summer vacation, it rained, rained. rained. Hopefully this won’t be one of those summers where it stops raining just long enough for me to mow my foot-high grass. Whatever the forecast, our burg has lots of roofed and roof-less businesses ready to show you a fun time! So check the forecast, stash an umbrella somewhere handy, and use our Happynings page to plan accordingly.

Have a great week!!

happy hours :)

It’s the last week of school. We are pooooooooped. But this city never loses its energy, and what a week we have coming up! Something to do every hour, all week.  Enjoy your Sunday, and be sure to check the Happynings today!

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updated happynings!

Hi all! This gorgeous Sunday, take a minute to read our Harrisonburg Happynings and plan your gorgeous week in the burg! Lots and lots going on, and if you plan correctly, you can enjoy the burg from sun-up to sundown on Saturday, April 20th! Hope you had a great week!

See you out and about!
~ katie and brandy