season of light.

Today Earth enjoys a special occasion: a supermoon! It’s when the moon is a bit closer to Earth and looks bigger and brighter. And you know all the myths about full moons? Well, maybe the supermoon has similar effects because I’ve been a total klutz the last couple days. First I ripped my thigh open on the corner of a table. Later I hobbled outside to mow, entered a shady area of the yard, moved my sunglasses to the top of my head so I could see, and promptly got zinged in the eye by some small, hard object. Thankfully my eye’s okay, but it was kinda scary! Then I slammed my finger in the door of the dryer. And knocked over a drink while watching Megamind. At least I was laughing when that happened — that movie is hilarious. Anyway, supermoon. It’s doing something.

I’m not real sure where this post is going, so I’ll leave you with wishes for a happy, healthy, injury-free week. Check out what’s happyning in the burg this week, right here!


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