it’s just dang hot.

It’s July. And the only thing hotter than July is August. It’s so hot in August there aren’t even any holidays. Too dang hot to celebrate.

Just came off of the fourth of July festivities downtown, and what fun I had with the kiddos. They made it all the way through the fireworks and then konked out immediately. We didn’t even mind the rain (twice) because it was SO DANG HOT.
If you don’t already have big plans this weekend, may I suggest the Red Wing Roots Music Festival? It’s a HUGE festival of really awesome musicians put together by our own Jeremiah Jenkins and I’m sure tens of other hardworking volunteers. And there’s lots going on throughout the upcoming week, too. You can find all the details, here, at our Harrisonburg Happynings page. Check it out!

xoxoxo! have a super week!

2 thoughts on “it’s just dang hot.

  1. Aaaaand, my boy JUSTIN JONES is playing at the Red Wings Music Festival, too! (I won’t be there, though; heading to a wedding in VT!)

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