purrrrty portraits: wonderkittens 2013.

Last shots from Brandy and Denise’s braincat, Wonderkitten!

It’s Christmas Eve, and we wish you a peaceful, relaxing, and happy holiday. When you’re out and about afterwards, swing by Larkin Arts to see these child/artist portraits before they come down!

burgIMG_2749bw burgIMG_2758 burgIMG_2772bw burgIMG_2777bw burgIMG_2791 burgIMG_2812bw burgIMG_2826bw burgIMG_2840
Copyright © 2012-13 · All Rights Reserved · ilovemyburg.com. Written content by Katie Mitchell. Photos by Brandy Somers. This material may not be copied, downloaded, reproduced, or printed without express written consent. Thank you for respecting our intellectual property.

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