holy cow, it’s almost Christmas.

Today, I’m pooped.

Somehow, in 6 hours yesterday, Michael and I started AND finished our Christmas shopping for five children, AND got all the presents “wrapped.” I use that term loosely, because some of the presents look like wadded up holiday paper you normally see after the gifts have been opened. Oh well. I doubt they’ll notice :)

Have you started your shopping?

Wait, are you one of those people who finished their Christmas shopping before Halloween? If not, don’t worry! You’ve still got plenty of time and plenty of awesome, local businesses with really super gifts. Trust me, I have horrible shopping endurance. If I can get it done on time, anyone can.

So get out there, Harrisonburg, and spend some local bucks. And while you’re out, have a little fun with all the great things happyning this week!

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