play into your hands: glen’s fair price TOYLAND.

This year for Christmas my kids are asking for things like an iPod Touch. A smart phone. A laptop.

And I’ve told them, NO FREAKING WAY. You’re a kid!

And when I was a kid (here we go, with the “back in the day” crap we parents all subject our kids to), I remember pouring over the Sears catalog and folding down the corners of pages that contained things I wanted. Like play kitchens with all the cute little pots and pans and pretend cereal boxes and velcro cupcakes. Or the Holly Hobby Easybake Oven (which I got when I was six). Or a Hot Wheels race track. Not motorized, although it WAS cool when that came along… but those flimsy orange track pieces with the blue, tongue-shaped connector pieces.

And Tinker Toys. I loved Tinker Toys. And board games. And Lite Brite. You’re getting excited, aren’t you?

And that’s why this year I’m doing some shopping at this place:

glens fair price signThat’s right! If you weren’t aware before now, there’s a toy shop in the basement of Glen’s Fair Price, and YOUWOULDNOTBELIEVE the old school toys down there!! Eeeeeeeee!! You could put me in a play pen with some Lincoln Logs and Tommy Atomic and I’d be happy for hours. Days, if I’m within reach of a mini-fridge.

Your heart will swell when you see Stratego. You’ll get goosebumps over Pig Pong, and you’ll get full-on palpitations when you see the John Deere toys. You’ll want to buy every single Star Wars action figure AND Gettysburg action figure, and on the drive home, you’ll fantasize about an epic battle between past and future. You might even return to the store to buy yourself the Executive Putting Green (it actually says “Feel Your Stress Disappear” on the box!). You’re bound to find something your kids have never seen before, something no other kid has.

glens fair price conehead

how could anyone NOT want a Conehead figurine??

So feast your eyes on these gift ideas. Then blow your kid’s mind on Christmas morning!

glens fair price ventriloquist glens fair price uncle wiggily glens fair price toy shelf glens fair price tommy glens fair price star trek glens fair price ppls court glens fair price marionette glens fair price hard bodiesStay tuned for more photos this week! Glen’s Fair Price is located on North Main, just past the Blue Nile, and not quite to Chanello’s. See you out and about!

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2 thoughts on “play into your hands: glen’s fair price TOYLAND.

  1. The old Glen’s also had FABULOUS toys. I could spend hours in there and did during my JMU days. Glad to know they still have that!

  2. Thank you – Thank you! You are so great and the pictures are wonderful. We also appreciated the great coverage for Halloween. You know you are welcome anytime. Keep taking pictures and writing. Melinda

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