recent developments: photographer expo 2013.

burg2013-11-01 17.08.00Brandy and Denise have the best ideas. First Art Lotto, and then Wonderkittens, and now this!

Get this: the two of them organized an event at Spitzer Art Center, where local photographers could set up an exhibit of their work for an evening and recruit new clients. Potential clients had the luxury of “shopping” for a photographer for their event — be it a wedding, a family reunion, a new baby, or whatever one’s imagination dreams up, really — in one space, and in person.

The place was busy that night. For three hours, dozens upon dozens of curious customers perused the displays of eight photographers, plus a display of upcycled glassworks by Ben Fraits, all to the live music of local cellist Rashaad Jones, the freshly brewed coffee of Lucas Roasting Company, and a room full of delicious food where I found meatballs several times that evening.

burg2013-11-01 18.56.23 burg2013-11-01 18.40.21The types of photography varied greatly, but the quality was top-notch at every display. Pinwheel Collective’s casual display featured casual, yet touching, topics: for instance, an older couple embracing in their kitchen, and in the next photo, walking together along a grove of trees.

burg2013-11-01 18.38.15Danilion Photography’s simple yet elegant photos prove that one doesn’t need a lot of fancy props or costumes — just an eye for the beautiful, while Lauren Rogers‘ wedding photos were out of this world. And she’ll even do a boudoir session — rowl! Those photos go in a book for you and your mate to enjoy… at your discretion, ahem.

burg2013-11-01 17.12.53Kristina Thompson focuses on family/couples/wedding portraiture, senior pictures, and BABIES (ohmygosh!), and between her and Kelly Williams, I thought I would die of a cute attack. There was one photo in particular of twins wearing knitted britches that made me want to borrow an infant for a few days.

Sometimes referred to as “the lightning guy,” Brian Ripley displayed large photographs printed on aluminum for a cool, shimmery effect… absolutely stunning images of sunsets, skies, and various time-lapse light experiments.

burgNEW3Ruby Sky’s display reflected their love of the vintage. Photographs featured suspenders and barns and old cars; an old train car; a retro laundromat, and even an old bus… displayed with antique plates. And rounding out the evening was Samantha Ritter — a dedicated wedding and portrait photographer who takes a lovely combination of classic wedding shots plus interesting close-ups and unique perspectives.

burg2013-11-01 19.18.21 burgNEW2Ben’s upcycled glassworks were something new for me… I wanted everything at his table, plus a glass of wine.

burg2013-11-01 16.46.00And all this beautiful work was supported by the music of Rashaad Jones, the coffee of Lucas Roasting Company, and floral arrangements by Sparrows Floral Design. Check out all their sites and see what they have to offer you!

burg2013-11-01 18.35.47burg2013-11-01 16.46.54 burg2013-11-01 16.47.04You can also support your neighborhood art center by becoming a member. Oh, and don’t forget… the event planners, Brandy and Denise, are ultra-talented, too and might be just what you’re looking for! Stay tuned for tons more photos… of photos… this week!

burg2013-11-01 20.00.52burg2013-11-01 17.09.32Copyright © 2012-13 · All Rights Reserved · Written content by Katie Mitchell. Photos by Brandy Somers. This material may not be copied, downloaded, reproduced, or printed without express written consent. Thank you for respecting our intellectual property.

1 thought on “recent developments: photographer expo 2013.

  1. Wish I could have attended, this looks like a great group. Please keep me in the loop with future plans to do it again. Thanks! Bill Thompson (Madison magazine)

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