Life is about choices. Do I take this path or that? Do I buy this car or that? Do I attend this college or that? Do I order beef tacos or chicken?
This week, you all have some tough choices to make. Unless you figure out a way to clone yourself so you can attend everything. If you do, please tell me how. However, I would prefer if the real you tells me, not your clone, because that would be creepy.

First Friday is upon us again (yay!!), but also these fine events: the 47th Annual Virginia Mennonite Relief Sale, Dayton Autumn Celebration, JMU’s Fall Bulb Sale, the Collins Center Disco Gala, a Rocktown Rollers bout, the Latino Film Festival at Court Square Theater, and a ton of live music.

So, mull this over, and choose wisely, people. You won’t get a do-over til next October. Happy Happynings, H’burg!

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