searching for happy.

Every once in a while, I use WordPress’ site stats area to look at the search engine terms viewers have used. There’s no identifying information attached to the terms… I can’t tell who typed what term in that little search box; it’s just a list of things people have Googled and ended up (somehow) at our blog. And it makes me laugh.

Some of them are no brainers:
beers with sun.” Yeah. No duh.

Some of them border on insulting:
simple clothing.” Really! Well, I’m sorry I’m not dressed to impress.

Some of them are just strange, like “spoon.” I’m not sure how that word led to us, but we’re glad it did.

And some of them speak to… well, weird fetishes or something:
chocolate messy eating.”
dolly parton feet.”
long legs granny in short shirts.

Think on those for a while. Oh, and the Happynings are ready! Have a great week, everyone!

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