friendly faces, part 3: valley 4th photobooth.

The final crop of homegrown fourth-of-July photos by our lovely Brandy Somers! Thanks to the mascots who volunteered their time and sweated their fur and freckles off!

DukeDogWeb117 DukeDogWeb118 DukeDogWeb119 DukeDogWeb120 DukeDogWeb121 DukeDogWeb122 DukeDogWeb123 DukeDogWeb124 DukeDogWeb125 DukeDogWeb126 DukeDogWeb127 DukeDogWeb128 DukeDogWeb129 DukeDogWeb130 DukeDogWeb131 DukeDogWeb132 DukeDogWeb133 DukeDogWeb134 DukeDogWeb135 DukeDogWeb136 DukeDogWeb137 DukeDogWeb138 DukeDogWeb139 DukeDogWeb140 DukeDogWeb141 DukeDogWeb142 DukeDogWeb143 DukeDogWeb144 DukeDogWeb145 DukeDogWeb146 DukeDogWeb147 DukeDogWeb148 DukeDogWeb149 DukeDogWeb150 DukeDogWeb151 DukeDogWeb152 DukeDogWeb153 DukeDogWeb154 DukeDogWeb155 DukeDogWeb156 DukeDogWeb157 DukeDogWeb158 DukeDogWeb159 DukeDogWeb160 DukeDogWeb161 DukeDogWeb162 DukeDogWeb163 DukeDogWeb164 DukeDogWeb165 DukeDogWeb166 DukeDogWeb167 DukeDogWeb168 DukeDogWeb169 DukeDogWeb170 DukeDogWeb171 DukeDogWeb172 DukeDogWeb173 DukeDogWeb174 DukeDogWeb175Copyright © 2012-13 · All Rights Reserved · Written content by Katie Mitchell. Photos by Brandy Somers. This material may not be copied, downloaded, reproduced, or printed without express written consent. Thank you for respecting our intellectual property.

1 thought on “friendly faces, part 3: valley 4th photobooth.

  1. Would it be possible to get a copy of the picture of the older couple setting with the Duke Dog and Wendy? They are sitting in the springhouse. They are my neighbors and I believe they would enjoy a picture. I can pay you for it. Thanks. Kristin

    P.S. Love this blog!!

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