summer’s a-comin’.

Ah, Memorial Day. To many of us, it’s the weekend that ushers in the fun and relaxation that summertime brings. It’s also a day we pause to remember those who’ve fallen in the line of duty. Memorial Day grew out of the tradition of decorating Civil War soldiers’ graves with flowers. Legend has it the first such grave decorated was in Warrenton in 1861. Now the holiday pays tribute to all who have lost their lives in battle, not just those in the 1860s.

All this recent rain has made my yard “blossom” (haha) in a tidal wave of weeds, grass where it shouldn’t be growing, honeysuckle, dandelions, assorted poisonous plants, and yes — a rogue flower here and there. It makes sense that a holiday requiring flowers should be on this day.

May you enjoy your extended weekend, the outdoors, and your loved ones. And check out what’s happening this week in the burg!

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