clothes-minded: duo.

Duo shopping bagIt’s human nature to want what’s commonly called “the best of both worlds” — that rare occurrence when two seemingly opposing phenomena merge in a most happy way, like dining at a French restaurant (in actual France) and getting a free refill. Or weight-loss beer. Or Nerf guns and pillow fights — you can shoot and hit people as much as you want, and all they’ll do is giggle.

There is a place in Harrisonburg where such magic happens. It’s not a place where you can “kill two birds with one stone.” No — that’s not happy, nor does it result in giggling. “Having your cake and eating it, too” is also not an appropriate description, because it suggests a level of deprivation: cake is meant to be eaten, not kept. (Yes, all you people with wedding cake in your freezer — you’re weird! And now I’m thinking of that Seinfeld episode where Elaine pilfers tiny slivers of her boss’s antique cake from King Edward VIII’s wedding in 1937…) No, this place is truly the best of both worlds. It’s called Duo, and it’s a very happy place.

Duo rack collageIt’s so simple, really: a clothing store that sells new AND carefully selected, gently used clothing. So every time you go, you can get something stylish AND well made AND inexpensive! Which saves you money, so you can splurge on a new item. I purchased two items for a whopping $13, and then found something else for $6. If there’d been cake in that store, it would have been the best of three worlds and more happiness than I could’ve handled.

Duo access Duo arrivals Duo earringsDuo jeans cubbyThey also sell jewelry, accessories, hand bags, even shoes. We tried on a whole bunch of items…Duo try onDuo K collageAnd I reeeeaaallly want to go back for that dress on the left. Aaaand the one on the right. Ha.

Right at the register, in a matter of seconds, you can join their Customer Loyalty Program and receive updates, incentives, and coupons for your next visit! Even more cake!

Duo is located at 108 S. Main Street, Harrisonburg, and in their original location on Elliewood Avenue in Charlottesville.

Duo front

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