facing off: art lotto 2012.

participating artists

Esther King    April Sedeen    Mariza Dovis    Ashley McCoy
Billy (Boyd) Smith    Ben Fraits    Annie Hogan    Brian Diener
Nicole Martorana    Chris Whitmore    Ashley McCoy    Cora Cloud
Jeremy Cline    Denise Kanter    Teale Davies    Eddie Mason    Erin Kling
Elliott Downs    Pat Jarrett    Renee Somers    Luke Watson
Trip Madison    Jay Herr    Jason Alexander    Victoria Topor    Rhoda Miller
Kurt Rosenberger    Bruce Rosenwasser    Angus    Ashley Miller
Lauren Rogers    Brandy Somers    Lynda Bostrom    Todd Yoder
Matt Sedeen    Megan Good    Toviah Morris    Morgan Fink    Noah Jones
Rachel Herr    Sarah Murphy    Laura Gaines Waldo    Sara Landis

2 thoughts on “facing off: art lotto 2012.

  1. This is SO great! Congrats ladies on a job well done! Added it to my favorites so I can check more updates to come!!! Thanks for the blog on Art Lotto. I really enjoyed myself and I’m looking forward to seeing all the wonderful art in August!!! Okay. I think I’ve used my share of exclamation points. But SERIOUSLY! TOO COOL!!!!—dk

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