recent developments: photographer expo 2013.

Brandy and Denise have the best ideas. First Art Lotto, and then Wonderkittens, and now this! Get this: the two of them organized an event at Spitzer Art Center, where local photographers could set up an exhibit of their work … Continue reading

gone cuba diving: cuban burger!

Somehow this summer I just didn’t get enough “Brandy time.” Maybe we really hadn’t seen each other in a while, or maybe it just felt that way because summer FLEW by, but here we were, the last weekend before returning … Continue reading

comfort station: grilled cheese mania.

The last week or so has presented me with events that fall into the category “It Could Have Been Worse.” First, my cell phone started acting up. Well, wait, FIRST, I thought everyone in my world was ignoring me because … Continue reading

in recent exposure: lurid pictures.

People usually think of filmmaking as glamorous business. As a director or producer, you’re surrounded by famous actors who hang on your every word, you get to show up when you want and leave the dirty work to the rest … Continue reading

treasure hunt in the burg no. 16: first friday.

When I thought of the title for this post, I got all excited about the pirate jokes I could make. But I don’t want my corniness to get on everyone’s nerves, so I’ll just say a few words and then … Continue reading