life of the arty: art lotto 2014, first friday.

So the day after Art Lotto’s private opening was First Friday in downtown Harrisonburg, and this time the festivities spilled out onto the pavement in front of Larkin Arts. Just take a look at how much fun everyone had! And, … Continue reading

brush with greatness: art lotto 2014, private party.

“I think this year is the best year yet” was the most frequent comment of the evening. You’d think after three years and 150-ish portraits, this town would run out of creativity. Nope. It just gets better and better. I’m … Continue reading

who’s in your cup? art lotto 2013.

Hard to believe it’s time to get lucky again. Has it really been eight months since dozens of couples put their (art) tools together in the spirit of creation? Yep. Art Lotto!! Put simply, this brain child of Brandy Somers … Continue reading

face value: art lotto 2012.

I’ve known Brandy Somers a long time, and I know that when she decides to do something, she does it. She doesn’t make promises she can’t keep, and she doesn’t like the feeling of letting anyone down, including herself. I … Continue reading

facing off: art lotto 2012.

participating artists Esther King    April Sedeen    Mariza Dovis    Ashley McCoy Billy (Boyd) Smith    Ben Fraits    Annie Hogan    Brian Diener Nicole Martorana    Chris Whitmore    Ashley McCoy    Cora Cloud Jeremy Cline    Denise Kanter    Teale Davies    Eddie Mason    Erin Kling Elliott Downs    Pat … Continue reading

eat like a burg: downtown dinner party.

For fifteen years, Harrisonburg Downtown Renaissance has been working to restore vitality to our history-rich downtown and turn it into the economic and social center it used to be. Millions of dollars and hundreds of thousands of volunteer hours later, … Continue reading

painting the town green and red: holiday art market 2013.

Valerie Smith is an industrious woman. Maybe it comes from having taught public school art, where your budget is like 17 cents a kid and you have to constantly make something from nothing, find ways to scrape together materials, and … Continue reading

brandy awesomers: larkin arts youth summer art program.

My friend is so talented. So talented!! Brandy Somers works all year as a high school art teacher, photographs their creations, this beautiful city, and adventures with her loved ones and publishes it all on FOUR blogs (or five??), heads … Continue reading

that’ll leave a mark: three notch’d brewing company.

There’s something about sitting at a rough-hewn wooden slab in front of a tray of Three Notch’d beer samples that makes you want to spill your guts. Perhaps it hearkens back to the days of my beer-swilling ancestors in Ireland … Continue reading

leaves in good hands: sparrow’s floral design.

The simple, lovely flower has long been a source of joy and comfort to us humans. We look forward to spring when we can dig in the raw dirt and plant beauty. In the fall, we sentimentally press those coveted … Continue reading